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2 July 1985
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Terra is a very lost and lonely girl at best and a hostile monster at worst. She was not always as brutal as she appears today; once upon a time she was just a (mentally) normal girl who loved going to amusement parks and hanging out with friends. However, horrors in her past have made her very insecure with herself. This insecurity would be her undoing.

Her one true home was (and in many ways, always will be) Titans Tower. It may be hard to believe, but she was actually once a member of the super hero team the Teen Titans, and had even developed what may have become romance with a team mate, Beast Boy. However, Terra was gifted with great power and cursed with it as well. She was not in full control of her earth-moving powers and fled in fear of her friends finding out.

Her insecurities combined with her confusion and self-hatred led her into the hands of a villain named Slade. He taught Terra how to control her powers at a very high cost: she had to eliminate the only people who had truly shown her kindness. There may have been a chance for her, but in the heat of the moment her one salvation was destroyed with Beast Boy's (very warranted) harsh words. Both sides would come to regret what happened that day, but it was too late now.

Hurt, betrayed, and nearly mad with grief and rage, Terra fully accepted Slade's control over her. One by one, she killed off the Teen Titans... or so she thought.
Taken before her salvation and after the return of the Titans, Terra started out a total wreck. Prone to outbursts of insane violence and general teenage moodiness, she was an unpredictable force. Deep down though, she was just a lonely girl with a lot of issues. With the help of Demyx and a few other friends, Terra's starting to make the effort to be a good person again. It can't be said for certain if she'll ever go back to being a hero, but at least she does't want to murder everything in sight anymore.

The major turning point for her was a incident with a member of Organization XIII named Larxene. For a time, Larxene was her only friend and the only one she could look up to. Then things took a turn for the worst: Terra's memories of Beast Boy and grief from Demyx's recent death overwhelmed her, and she gave in to Larxene's advice. Everyone thought she'd disappeared, but the whole time she'd just been a little Heartless. Literally. After that, without Larxene to help her to be a proper Nobody, she had no one to fall back on. Alone, scared, and hurt, she let her pride slip and allowed Demyx and Harry Mason to help her. With much effort on Demyx's behalf, Terra is now on her way to being a normal human being. Well, mostly.

After months of living in Discedo, Terra finally had her chip removed... at a price. She lost control of her powers, and is still focusing on regaining control at the moment. The good news is this major blow to her pride has only gotten her to accept more things about herself and other people, such as the fact that she is scared. Lexaeus is working with her to help regain control, so here's to hoping she won't trigger a volcano or something.
When she first arrived, she pretty much hated everyone in Discedo. Slowly but surely, her attitude of social interaction moved from loathing to gruding toleration to somewhat liking. Now that she's made a few good friends, she's starting to move back towards her old self (albeit still a little snappish and stubborn).

Right from the beginning, Terra has always had an extreme love/hate relationship with Harry Mason. He's outright said he is willing to kill her if she causes trouble, and she's exchanged a few nasty words in return. Despite that, he's saved her quite a few times and she grudingly admits such. Now that she's making an effort to once again be the good Terra, hopefully their relationship will improve.

Long ago, back when Terra was still absorbed in being Slade's apprentice, she met a "nice" woman named Larxene. Terra found a mentor, a friend, and maybe even a crush. Larxene found someone who reminded her of herself and outlet to who boredom. In a moment of weakness, Terra took her advice: she let the Heartless take her, and pretty much ran around as a little Shadow for a couple weeks. Larxene disappeared, and with no one to pick her up after her death, Terra was a total wreck.

Demyx was the first to help her after she returned. Though hesitant at first, Demyx provided the support and patience she truly need. Every now and then she'll get frustrated with him, but she'll always appreciate what he's done for her and considers him a true friend.

Another member of Organization XIII, Lexaeus, has taken interest in her. He sees her as someone with a lot of potential, having a suprising amount of patience despite the mistakes she's made, and she sees him as a good mentor. Terra is willing to overlook the fact that he still remains heartless in return for his attention. He's a tough trainer and she'll likely get a few hits with the Tomahawk, but it's for her own good. Really.

At the moment, she's still scarred from the incident with Larxene, but still has a sort of kind of crush on Vaati. Now that she's trying to figure out exactly who she is, she's a little worried he'll abandon her too.

Recently she'd taken to rooming with a woman named Eileen Galvin after Terra beat the crap out of a couple of nurses for her. Though she tries to give off an aloof front, she's also secretly glad when Eileen offers her praise and approval. She's starting to look up to the other woman more and more, but is constantly telling her that she'd willingly leave the second Eileen got sick of her (something Terra dearly hopes will never happen).

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